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draft Value Set Emergencyseverityindex Emergency Severity Index 2015‑03‑03

Value Set Name Value Set Id Version / Eingangsdatum Status
Emergencyseverityindex 2015‑03‑03 Entwurf
  • hl7de-temp-04
  • 2.16.840.1.113883.5.1008 Null Flavor
Level/ Typ Code Anzeigename Codesystem Beschreibung
0-L 1 Resuscitation - Immediate, life-saving intervention required without delay hl7de-temp-04
0-L 2 Emergent - High risk of deterioration, or signs of a time-critical problem hl7de-temp-04
0-L 3 Urgent - Stable, with multiple types of resources needed to investigate or treat (such as lab tests plus X-ray imaging) hl7de-temp-04
0-L 4 Less Urgent - Stable, with only one type of resource anticipated (such as only an X-ray, or only sutures) hl7de-temp-04
0-L 5 Nonurgent - Stable, with no resources anticipated except oral or topical medications, or prescriptions hl7de-temp-04

  UNK Unbekannt Null Flavor
Legende: Typ L=leaf, S=specializable, A=abstract, D=deprecated. NullFlavors werden im @nullFlavor Attribut statt in @code angegeben.